You are never more prepared than you are right now.

You’re a writer, a blogger, a trainer, a parent, a grandparent, a child of God, a pastor, or just a kid. There are times when responsibility is dropped into your lap and you’ve suddenly and very forcibly been grown into levels of leadership for which you seriously aren’t prepared. Your thoughts are an enervating cocktail of confusion, action and blinding fear and currently all you can do is remain in shock.

I’m here to tell you that you’ve been prepared for this moment.

King and/or young David is a prime example of a person that no one relates to very well because we don’t see ourselves as warriors kings, victorious overcomers, 12-year-old bear/lion/dragon slayers or “men after God’s own heart.”

Moses, however, was quite a regular dude.

I’m not going to bore anyone with the story of Moses; you can read the book of Exodus for yourself or watch the movie Prince of Egypt (great movie btw). What is of particular interest to me is Moses’ upbringing. Moses was raised the adopted grandson of a living deity (according to ancient Egyptian laws and beliefs). After seeing the affliction of his own people and resisting those who had raised him, he was exiled to a land where his people lived freely and prospered in normal lives. He traded his sonship to Pharaoh and Egypt for one with Jethro, priest of Midian, and settled a family there.

Moses became a father, a husband, a lowly shepherd, the son of a priest and a very normal man. Most science indicates that Moses was a dark to medium skinned man and his wife was Cushite, which is Ethiopian. Moses was already 40 when he came to Midian and he stayed there for another 40 years. Moses was not Christian Bale, Val Kilmer, or Charlton Heston; Moses was Morgan Freeman with a stuttering problem. Moses was an 80-year-old black man when God met him tending sheep.

Mr. Freeman turns 80 this year.

The incredible burden that God placed on Moses’ lap in the burning bush encounter was an incredible example of God raising His child across a wide spectrum of experiences and perspectives and ultimately into a calling that Moses couldn’t think imaginable. The fact is, it was only uncomfortable. As long as you’re adaptable, discomfort isn’t a hindrance, it's only an adjustment. The real truth of the matter however, is that God wants to partner with us. Moses was the man for the job simply because God had prepared him specifically for that job. He had the experience, the perspective, the heritage, the leadership ability and the voice. Forty years in the court of an emperor, forty years shepherding sheep and learning of the true God of Abraham. Moses could see the outcome of his encounter with God no more than an ant can foresee a lawnmower, however, God knew His man. There wasn’t a book, a webinar, a trainer or conference that Moses needed to attend. He only needed his God and to stay connected with Him.

Moses was prepared and so are you.

I’m going to stop here because I’m out of time. I have a problem with hitting that publish button, so I’m just gonna do it and save the next part for the next time I see you guys again.


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